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    Why Solar Shades?


    Solar shades have come back, in a big way. The window covering industry has seen a big spike in sales of solar shades. For the one that isn’t too familiar with this product line and what it is about, here are some things to know.

    Most important thing to know about a solar shade is that it is see through. It is a screened material, often a PVC blend, that depending on the tightness of the weave allows a view out. This is so important, because it is not functional for any room. Anybody looking for privacy, this would not be the shade to consider. Despite the fact that during day time, while we have a screened view out, nobody really can see in. However, at night when we use electrical light and it is dark outside, privacy is out the window. This means, solar shades are a great product for the home owner that doesn’t need to worry about privacy.

    Whoever is in the wonderful position where privacy isn’t an issue, there are many compelling reasons, why this popular product should be considered. Number one, it is beautiful. With its sleek and modern appearance, it stands out because of its simplicity and clean design. Fabrics can be plain or offer great texture. Designed like a roller shade, it also offers functionality. A beaded chain that stays at a constant length lowers and raises the shade, but can be replaced by a spring assisted cordless lift. An optional fascia or fabric covered cassette allows for the entire roll to be concealed.

    Furthermore solar shades simply have to be considered for very big window applications. Windows of seventy-six inches wide and above are limited as to how they can be covered. Solar shades are here a wonderful option. Covering applications as wide as one hundred plus inches will be a possibility.

    But besides a beautiful screened view out and its sleek look, solar shades stand out for the UV protection and heat reduction. Expensive wooden floors, valuable pictures, furniture all are bound to get sun bleached and damaged when not protected. A solar shade while filtering light into the room, will provide UV protection depending on the openness factor and reduce heat at the same time.

    Lastly, we find that more and more fabrics are made available that are eco-friendly, helping to reduce carbon foot print and enjoying a cleaner earth. Now who isn’t able to support that?



    Swiss Army Women Watches

    Watches for women are just not a simple timepiece that shows the time. Actually it might be an understatement to say that watches states the fashion, style, class and complete elegance of the person dressed in it. Today there is a wide range of designs, fashions, technology, colors, sizes and theme available in the womens watches, each made to suit all types of events or people of different personality. As they’re more of jewellery, a lady who cares about her looks will be cautious on the brand of watch she has. There’re also all-around top-quality and technically innovative watches as the Swiss army that are more than a watch, a trend statement. Like jewelry it’s an asset too.
    Swiss army are the most stylish and durable watches. Though they’re well-known for their men watches, they have achieved much reputation in the women watches too. They come in various categories such as Airboss Army, Alpnach Army and Victorinox Army Watches etc. They are renowned in the females of all ages, fashions and classes. This watch features high functionality, class, modern designs with synthetic screw back, black cases, five jewels and rotating bezel. The battery is long-lived and can work for up to 2 years. Wearing a cheap quality watch presents your negative image. It will look so weird to put on a low-quality watch with fairy like stylish dresses. The Swiss army women watches are top-quality equipment that is assured to long-lived, water resist, scratch resist. Though each person has a unique priority for the watch, I consider that the most essential features that should be on the top of your priorities are durability, class, style, reliability and functionality. I assure you that Swiss watch is the best option for you among all the watch brands. Before purchasing a Swiss army watch, check out its authenticity as there are a number of duplicates are present in the market of these watches because of the popularity of these brand. The beast way to avoid this scam, buy these watches only from an authorized dealer. Like in the US, there’re about 30,000 duplicate pieces to be supplied for unauthorized suppliers.